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The smartest companion to keep you safe. Because we know what's important in life. Care Point is currently developing a pilot study to streamline the system. We estimate to be complete with the pilot and ready to go to market in Q1, 2018. To be updated with further developments, please join our mailing list:

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CarePoint has everything you need to get safe in no time! Safety, security, and peace of mind for you, your family, friends, and neighbors is our passion.

The founding partners of Care Point include three brothers. Previous to Care Point, the brothers had founded an environmental engineering firm in 2001. Through leveraging of technology and steadfast focus, the brothers were able to maintain profitability and steep growth of the company until 2015 when an international engineering firm acquired the company.

In keeping with the brothers focus of developing businesses that better our world, as was the case in the environmental business, the brothers were inspired, through a personal traumatic event, to develop a new-generation personal safety device.

Since the founding of Care Point, the brothers have since personally invested their time and resources for the research and development of a functional back-end platform and related devices. The system has been successfully tested in live pilot tests.

The borthers vision and commitment to Care Point is to be a cutting edge provider of a personal safety platform that is available to all peoples.

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Early in 2010, the mother of the founding members was doing her daily morning walk around her neighborhood, when unexpectedly she was run over while crossing a marked cross-walk, which she had traversed many times before. Although she had a cell phone with her, she was not able to reach for it or dial any loved one’s phone number, both because of her physical status and her mental/emotional state at the time. It was only due to good smaritans that she was able to contact 911 and her adult children. Thereafter mom went through complex surgery and extended recovery, however she has since recovered and lives a full life.

As a result of this incident the founders had first realized that the perception that personal safety devices are not only the xcvxv of the “elderly” or infirmed, although the current personal safety products available on the market today are designed for said groups, rather personal safety devices are relevant to people of all ages and levels of health. Moreover, the founders realized that the products that are available on the market provide only a fraction of the connectivity and data that Care Point’s solution provides.

Care Point was then founded to develop a technology driven solution that will provide a host of safety related functions, as well as personal wellness, and health for th user, in an aesthetically pleasing, non-stigmatizing, device/s. To that end Care Point has developed a working solution the is providing its users with safety functions and health & wellness data in a totally mobile device that can be used anywhere a cellular signal exists.

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One touch 24/7 emergency assistance

Aggragate Health Data

Ongoing trasmission & analysis of health data.

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Trained U.S. based center.

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Family and freinds are connected in real-time.

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